Time To Fly Foundation: Freedom in Flight!

By Clare Page

Wonderment Photograph on Plexiglass 20” x 30″

As an International Award Winning Landscape Photographer I have had numerous opportunities to capture inspirational landscapes in various countries, and to exchange memorable life stories with individuals.

Michele Jones impacted my life when we met at a Joyce Meyer Conference several years ago. Michele is the President of Time To Fly Foundation.

Contentment Photograph on Plexiglass 20” x 30”

“Time To Fly Foundation (TTF) a faith based non-profit launched in 2001, The mission of Time To Fly is to help abused women and children regain their God given worth, break the generational cycle of dating/domestic abuse, and strengthen the family unit. The vision is to globally see countless lives restored from the devastation of dating and domestic abuse.”

Michele is warm and engaging. You are aware of her God-given passion for His children, particularly with women and children who have experienced abuse.

She possesses a God-given capacity to equip, empower and to introduce God’s healing touch to abused women and children. Transforming them from brokenness to wholeness.

During October 2014, I visited the South West USA to capture nature in its ‘rawness’. The 4 images I donated to Time To Fly Foundation were captured in the USA.

My intention as a landscape photographer is to transport people to another place and space with my work and to evoke emotions. Each piece, is hand-picked, showcasing God’s glory.

In January 2016 I was invited by Agora Gallery, New York, to submit my work for approval. I was accepted and my Fine Art Landscape Photography pieces were on display at an Exhibition at Agora Gallery during December 2016. Michele Jones was present at the Agora Gallery exhibition.

Time To Fly Foundation is close to my heart as I am familiar with domestic violence.

I became a Child and a Woman with a Voice for my mother who was intimidated by my father. I was accustomed to verbal and physical abuse!

Instinctively I knew that my Fine Art Photography pieces would be the perfect choice to donate to Michele Jones, for her Time To Fly Foundation.

Michele was delighted to receive the offer of my 4 works. Three are Limited Editions.

My purpose is my passion which is, “Women with a Voice”, which is closely associated with Time To Fly Foundation. My intentionality is to encourage women to rise up in their God-given purpose, to realise their T rue Identity and to fulfil their God-given destiny!

Michele is in the process of preparing the 4 images which I donated to Time To Fly Foundation, for auction.

They will be auctioned for a premium price to raise funds to introduce relief, healing and purpose to wounded hearts and to release women and children into what they are born for.

Creating an awareness that domestic violence is unacceptable and to birth hope and new life into women and children exposed to domestic violence!

It is an honor to be part of the pathway from leading individuals from being victims to becoming victorious in their living!