ARTisSpectrum Vol.36, May 2017

34 ARTisSpectrum | Volume 36 | Do you find self-marketing strategies important for today’s artists? Definitely! I feel that the more you can market (and market smart) in today’s world, the more it provides the opportunity to take your career further, faster, and in the right direction. I feel that self-promotion is critical in today’s hyper-social, competitive world. For an artist looking to get ahead and make his/her mark, self-promotion is a survival skill; your career success depends on your ability to promote yourself correctly in any field of work, in fact. Can you name the channels for self- marketing you find most useful? As an artist, I would have to say by far my website. I feel that business information and visibility is critical to an artist as well as their collectors. In this era, the convenience of a website is like having an environmentally friendly, 24/7 global business at your fingertips, which is a perfect way to promote your portfolio. I also believe my vibrant high-quality customized business cards, postcards, thank you cards and other stationary have captured the attention of a great deal of my collectors. I make it a point to use several different captivating images on each card. It’s like a pop-up exhibition anywhere I go. I always carry business cards with me. This has also been a great promotional tool; the vibrant Self Promotion Techniques: An InterviewWith Sherry Rinderer by Zeljka Himbele