ARTisSpectrum Vol.35, May 2016

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 35 | 24 T he notion of boundaries is not present in Von Coop’s artistic universe. Whether in terms of media or subject material, his works run a wide range, from pencil drawings of musical figures executed in precise, photorealistic detail to psychedelic abstractions done in oils on canvas. Balancing experimentation with a disciplined technique, he gives his images a clear physical presence that works with whatever subject he depicts. The artist notes that capturing the appearance of light is a central concern for him, and that skill is strikingly present in his work. From showing the effect of a spotlight on a performer to creating a sense of depth in the sky, he puts his ability to use shading, color and proportion to effective use, resulting in a vivid, engaging body of work. Von Coop Ellen Oil on Canvas 36” x 48” B ritish-French artist and printmaker Wallace has created a unique art formwhereby she takes existing images and transforms them into something entirely new. Inspired as much by the revolutionary work of Andy Warhol as by a lifetime of traveling the world, Wallace focuses her graphic art on uncovering and explicating the narrative element of a particular image, working with authentic documents to tease out the narrative threads and then utilizing digital technology to create a particular visual effect. Using photographs and postcards, the artist presents to the viewer images meant to break down barriers of understanding, to bridge the gap between past and present, and to demonstrate the profound meaning underlying every human experience, both challenge and triumph. As Wallace says, “Without obstacles, there is no life.” Wallace 42 Best Port 037 (2) Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper 20” x 20” W hether evoking snapshots of nostalgia or conveying the wistful landscapes of Northern California, Kirsten Hagen’s paintings manage a clarity of vision and emotion. Her work in acrylic relies on a depth of natural colors and a breadth of perspective to build a sense of intimacy and scope that extend beyond the moments she depicts. The contrast between Hagen’s organic palette, full of blues and earth tones, and her infrequent use of vibrant man-made colors is particularly striking and sets the tone for much of Hagen’s work. True to the misty San Francisco Bay, Hagen creates a sense of mystery through texture and shading, allowing her paintings to exist in the middle of the stories they tell, with all the anticipation of distant and unknown places. Kirsten Hagen Waterpolo Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 36”