ARTisSpectrum Vol.35, May 2016

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 35 | 22 How to tell if you’re buying the right art Did you see an artwork that has been on your mind ever since you left the gallery? If you stumble upon a piece that sticks with you, that makes you step back or lean in, then this may be the piece for you. Trust your instinct. The best works are ones that you can keep coming back to. Maybe they trig- ger a memory for you, or maybe they remind you of a person you love. Whatever it is, these are the works that emotionally speak to you, and that is the best kind of work to have. We all have a unique perspective on what is “good” art, so do not let anyone bully you into buying an artwork that you aren’t feeling. Even if somebody is an expert and says that an artwork is valuable or beautiful, if you don’t like it then you shouldn’t buy it. You are the one who has to live with it, and you should only decorate your walls with works that speak to you on a personal level. Learn about the artist. Knowing the story of the artist or the artwork brings an intimacy and value that goes beyond the visual interest. When you buy an artwork, you are buying the hours, days, even years of creation and experimentation, frustration and joy. It may sound creepy, but you really are buying a piece of the artist, of their soul. So take the time to learn about who and what you are investing in. If you weren't able to meet the artist one-on-one, most galleries and stu- dios will have information available about the artist: printed materials, write-ups, interviews, or their artist statement. Ask the gallerist or curator, as well, and hear about their personal interactions with that artist. If you aren’t ready to invest, ask about paying in installments or leasing artwork. Having the opportunity to lease one (or multiple) artworks will give you the opportunity to see how the artwork actually fills the space, if it compliments your decor or the general mood you were hoping to emphasize. Once you’ve found the perfect match, you can speak with the artist or representative to finalize the purchase and add it to your permanent collection!  If you are interested in building your art collection, make sure to check out or email us at info@agora- The happy collectors of "Nude Trees" by Tiziana Fejzullaj; Photo by Dana Kandić