ARTisSpectrum Vol.34, November 2015

ARTisSpectrum | Volume 34 | 84 Angel with Red Cloud 2 Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 22” J erry Anderson’s paintings are expressions of vivacity and energy, flowing with bold colors and subtle but striking emotion. Anderson describes his work as treading “the dynamic balance of feminine and masculine energies.” Both are readily apparent in Anderson’s portraiture and abstract landscapes, but the influence of strong female painters like Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo helps blur the line between the masculine and feminine. Anderson expands on these artists’ earlier themes and techniques, producing a signature reimagination of bodies and landscapes, often tending towards the ideal and the surreal. Compositionally, Anderson allows his subjects to be bisected by the frame, imparting his figures with a particularly alluring mystique. This is often combined with unusual perspectives to produce a sense of disorientation in the viewer, who is suddenly placed in unique spatial relations to the subjects. Similarly innovative are Anderson’s landscapes, which combine topographical and geographical textures with a bright vivacity reminiscent of floral still lifes. Anderson’s use of color and shading is thoroughly enticing, as it engages with the overall voluptuousness of the works. These elements all come together to present a journey, one in which the figures are guides and the landscapes are unexplored worlds of energy. Jerry Anderson Preparatory Study for Holy Sepulchre Mixed Media on Paper 14” x 9” D arnell Edwards is a painter who explores the human form through mixed media compositions that exercise great understanding of anatomy. Born in New York City, Edwards has studied at the Art Students League and National Academy of Design, and he earned his BFA at the School of Visual Arts, where his self-published graphic novel, Yellow Gray, is in the library’s permanent collection. He has received support and well wishes from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, which has contributed greatly to his continued success as a painter. Over the past decade, Darnell Edwards’ works have included figurative, expressionist representations of the human figure alongside highly abstracted combinations of colors and recycled materials which come together in unique, unprecedented anatomical studies. Edwards pulls academic and historical context into the work itself. In the spirit of Michelangelo and Renaissance painters, he pays high respect to the science of human anatomy, even in his most abstract pieces. Exhibited in galleries, museums, and film festivals across the United States, including in two NYC solo exhibitions, Edwards’ work adds originality and emotion to that subject that has long fascinated artists: the human body. Darnell Edwards