ARTisSpectrum Vol.34, November 2015

83 ARTisSpectrum | Volume 34 | T he sensitively rendered, luminous paintings of Swiss artist Marianne Monnier-Koenig are evocative of walking outdoors in the spring or fall. Idealized and pastoral, Monnier-Koenig’s landscapes inspire viewers with a sense of peace and rejuvenation. With her masterful use of composition, she draws the viewer into each piece, teasing with what’s beyond the next ridge or corner. Her application of color is impressionistic, inspired by Claude Monet. “When I see the works of Monet and all the other Impressionist artists, I find myself wanting to be at those places where they painted,” she says. Monnier-Koenig’s goal is similar, except she wants to preserve the outdoor locations she adores in her own memory so she can relive them at home. “We can-not live outside forever, so I capture the places that fascinated me,” she says. When the weather is favorable, you can find Monnier-Koenig painting en plein air with oils or pastels, two mediums she prefers because of their pigments and flexibility. She looks for the vibration of the colors before her and tries to reproduce it in her work. A completely self-taught artist, Monnier-Koenig has been drawing and painting since childhood. She says being creative feeds her soul and body. Marianne Monnier-Koenig Waterfall of Dreams Oil on Canvas 31.5” x 25.5” Q uebec-based artist MEL C creates works that encompass raw emotion in layers of expressionism and abstraction. Real, meaningful parts of life are blurred and made unreal; imagined lines and forms in turn create an emotional reality in each piece. Every work is a meditation on light and time, revealing new facets with each viewing. Monochromatic or two- toned acrylic compositions make use of lighting to introduce sculptural lines and stretches of material that split the canvases into smooth and rough, glossy and matte. Sometimes working with diptychs, MEL C creates works that are simultaneously varied and uniform, using repetition to reinforce mood while also breaking through solid planes of pigment. In some works, fading colors create an almost metallic effect, as lighter shades shine through in patches of luminous excitement on each canvas. Painting transcends the rest of MEL C’s interests, as it allows her to express her experiences and life in a relatable and physical manner. A self-taught painter, MEL C comes from a family of artists, and has pursued finance outside of her artistic practice. MEL C Meltech Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 48”