ARTisSpectrum Vol.33, Spring/Summer 2015

28 ARTisSpectrum | Volume 33 | T he elegant and dynamic work of Korean artist Su-Jeong NAM is defined by her unique sense of line and highly detailed rendering of flowers and other organic forms. Working primarily in pencil, ink, and acrylic, Su- Jeong NAM uses these materials to inject fresh life and hopeful, emotive expression onto the paper or canvas. Colors are subtle yet uplifting, and forms are gentle and flowing, composed of countless lines that deviate and merge to create shapes that are holistic, unified, and universal in their appeal. Although Su-Jeong NAM’s work is composed of thousands of details, one of the brilliant aspects of her art lies in how all these disparate components come together as a whole. In this way, the artist explores the inherent harmony of the universe. Her images are not only about flowers, but more importantly about how systems of individual elements converge to create something synchronous and truly beautiful. Since childhood, Su-Jeong NAM has had to deal with weak eyesight, forcing to observe her universe more keenly and carefully than most. This habit has had a major impact on her work. By observing an object closely, its natural shape becomes distorted in ways, often causing it to become abstracted. Interestingly, when Su-Jeong NAM observes the object she is drawing, it has been magnified hundreds of times, giving her an entirely new perspective on what would otherwise be considered an everyday image. Indeed, this is the overarching theme of her work, to uncover things unrecognized by most: to, as she says, “describe innumerable lines not seen by ordinary eyes” and to “impress the beauty of harmony and gratitude of subsistence” that exist in the plethora of nature's small, crucial details. Su-Jeong NAM Panic Ink on Paper 32" x 43"