ARTisSpectrum Vol.29, May 2013

68 ARTisSpectrum | Volume 29 | Sandra Mueller-Dick T he rock formations along the Maine coast provide a starting point for Sandra Mueller-Dick ’s new paintings. But the artist moves far past that beginning by transforming those rugged landscapes into striking abstract images. Using oils and acrylics on wood and paper, she creates rhythmic patterns, taking the energy found in nature and re-making it into something personal and emotional. Those emotions are never firmly set, however. There is an open-endedness to them, a freedom that allows the viewer to become an active participant in creating the meaning of each image. “My goal,” she says, “is always both to portray and evoke emotion, encouraging viewers to interpret what they see for themselves and experience their own emotional response.” Mueller-Dick achieves that goal by making images that speak directly to our innermost realizations, addressing those thoughts and feelings that mold our world. She employs a bold color palette, setting up strong contrasts that generate powerful vibrations. She then matches the power of her colors with the strength of her compositions, engaging the senses in a way that is constantly surprising. Having been a gallery instructor at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for many years, she has developed a strong talent for communicating, one which finds a fitting outlet in these images. Life Line Mixed Media on Paper 24” x 32” F or Stuart L. Gordon , capturing extraordinary light is the basis of photography. Because of that, his images have their beginnings in finding just the right light. “Most often,” he says, “that means the light of sunset and sunrise, as well as before and after storms.” It is only after discovering that light that he searches for subject material, locating the places and people that can be best illuminated by it. Shooting primarily in natural light, he focuses on communicating the essence of the landscapes he photographs. With a finely balanced sense of composition and a strong ability to use color and light for dramatic impact, Gordon successfully captures those landscapes as well as transforming them into pieces of his personal vision. A self-taught photographer, Gordon is well versed in all aspects of the medium — from the filters he uses to bring high-contrast images into the range of his camera to the techniques involved in combining several images together into a multiple exposure. But though he is adept at employing post-processing software such as Photoshop, he only uses it to heighten the qualities found in the raw footage he shoots. “My goal,” he says, “is to share with the viewer my deepest emotional response to the scene.” Mist Rising Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper 16” x 24” Stuart L. Gordon