ARTisSpectrum Vol.27, May 2012

2 ARTisSpectrum THEASTER GATES THE LISTENING ROOM ON VIEW THROUGH JULY 1, 2012 SEATTLEARTMUSEUM.ORG/THEASTER “I AM ASKING THE MUSEUM TO MAKE NEW KINDS OF SPACE... ...I wANT PEOPlE TO cOME TO THE spAcE AND find parts of themselves lost.” Theaster Gates’ work explores the ways history, place and performance intersect. Incorporating a vast array of disciplines, Gates’ art installation transforms a gallery with a collection of vinyl records, fire hose and other objects that reflect cultural, social, and political currents of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Gates is a recipient of the Seattle Art Museum’s Gwendolyn Knight/Jacob Lawrence Fellowship. Funding for the fellowship and exhibition is provided by the Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Endowment. This exhibition is organized by the Seattle Art Museum. Generous support provided by Bill and Ruth True and the University of Washington college of Built Environments. Additional support provided by contributors to the Annual Fund. Theaster Gates. Photo: Lloyd De Grane/University of Chicago Magazine. DAN DAILEY (American, 1947-) Circus Vessel Series, “Avian Aerialists , ” 1999, blown glass with fabricated metal, 27 x 24 x 13 inches. Courtesy of Habatat Gallery MARCH 27– OCTOBER 14 GLASS ACT The Contemporary Studio Glass Movement Turns 50 Sponsored in part by: This survey of contemporary studio glass showcases unique objects by the leading glass artists today, including Howard Ben Tré, Dale Chihuly, Dan Dailey, Michael Glancy, Harvey Littleton, Concetta Mason, William Morris, Jay Musler, Christopher Ries, Steve Tobin, Toots Zynsky, and others. BRM 33237 AISMag_Hlf Pg_4c_MECH.indd 1 3/5/12 2:42 PM