ARTisSpectrum is such a beautiful art magazine on a global scale. It must be the only art magazine dedicated to such a wide range of international art scenes and artists. ARTisSpectrum confirms the notion “art is universal” and shows the power that art possesses.

Yoshiko Kanai

A robust, well-rounded issue as usual. I was pleased to see some of my fellow artists’ work in private residences!!

Paul Hartel

ARTisSpectrum is the most informative art magazine I know. It is interesting to read about other artists as well as the art market, to understand what art collectors are looking for and how artists and collectors find each other. Altogether – I love ARTisSpectrum.
Dagmar Wankowski

Great magazine, awesome reviews.

Violette Cici

I really enjoyed the magazine. My congratulations to all who were involved.
Tatiana Abrantes

When I received the 31st volume of ARTisSpectrum Magazine, I felt so proud and honored to be featured in this beautiful magazine. The magazine is professionally done with wonderful quality pictures of all the artworks. It is also well written with valuable information. Reading through it inspired me to come back to Agora Gallery to exhibit my work again for a second time. Working with Angela and her Agora team is a pure delight. Thank you all for your collaboration.
Nancy Stella Galianos