The Importance of Gallery Internships

Agora’s hardworking and talented interns share their inspirations and what they got out of working with the gallery.

Interviews by Anna Lustberg


“Keta”, photographed by Yuqi from Tsibili, Georgia • studies at New York University

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned from your internship?
Art has been my passion since childhood, and for that reason I have always expressed my art through activities such as painting, photography, and designing poster collages. Having seen many people look at my work inspired me to pursue a gallery internship.

In my opinion, the importance of my internship happens to be not only in learning the background stages – how the exhibitions are prepared, what criteria is taken into consideration to curate the specific art installations, the process of presenting and promoting to the contemporary art market – but also in understanding the close working relationship artists have with the representational gallery. Artists receive the opportunity to express their thoughts, views, and ideas along with their work.

What was your favorite day at your Agora Gallery internship, and why?
My favorite day at Agora Gallery was my first day at work, which was Thursday, a reception day. I never knew that Thursdays are considered ‘opening night’ with new exhibitions in Chelsea galleries in New York. That first day was full of surprises, and more than I was expecting – I was exposed to a big event, not to mention how warmly I was welcomed by the Agora family.

What’s your favorite style of artwork?
I do not have a favorite artwork style because all kinds of creativity provides tremendous inspiration for me, whether it be illustration, drawing, or photography. Yet, some of my favorite artists are Yves Klein in Conceptual Art, Henry Matisse in Fauvism, and Cy Twombly in Abstract expressionism.


photographed by Amanda
from Shanghai, China • studies at School of Visual Arts

How do you think gallery internships benefit the art world?
My experience working in the gallery for several months has shown me the importance of communication. As an art creator, you spend hours and hours in the studio and enjoy the solitude and intimacy of being an “artist”. By being in the gallery, however, you witness various people walking into the space appreciating art; it is a pleasure for me to share thoughts and experiences with so many visitors. These conversations help me improve in my own artistic expression. Gallery internships help artists like myself create more intimate works related to the world we live in, therefore benefiting the art world.

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned from your internship?
My experience at Agora Gallery has been both personal and professional. I’ve learned multitasking: it’s not just splitting your energy among different subjects simultaneously, but recognizing the priorities. The valuable lesson has been in concentration, which is something very important in the process of creating.


photographed by Keta
from New York, NY •
studies at Earlham College

What’s a valuable lesson you’ve learned from your internship?
While all internships offer different learning opportunities, I believe Agora Gallery gave me an undeniable ability to discover new emerging art and artists and allowed me to dive deeper into my own passions. I was immersed in an environment where I grew in my work ethic and understanding of gallery operations and the contemporary art market.

Any advice for interns seeking a gallery internship?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions or explore new areas of the gallery business. The art world is constantly changing and learning how to evolve with it is essential.

What was your favorite day at your Agora Gallery internship, and why?
The best days at Agora were install days! There is nothing better than watching the previous show come down and the new show go up. It’s a constant growth and exploration of new mediums, work, styles and artists.

What’s your favorite style of artwork?
As a photographer, I am partial to photography, however I appreciate all art forms.