Exploring the Archetypal Female Essence in Dream, Form & Landscape

By Jerry Anderson

When asked what effect New York City had on my art, I found myself broadening the question to include other cities that are meaningful to me. What is it that they provide that makes them stand out for me? What do they have in common, and what differentiates them? My favorite cities are New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Marrakech, and Shanghai. It is clear that each has a transcendent character that makes them unique, and yes, they are also all international, dynamic, historical, and ever-changing. But this article is not about a comparison of qualities. That’s what guide books and school texts are for. This is a personal question, and the answer is that, in their own way, each city touches my heart deeply.

How does New York City touch my heart? It affects me differently from other cities. It directly nourishes my art. It not only makes me focus on my painting but enriches it through all of the many other art forms and dynamic expressions. There is a kind of passion available in New York that is electric, seductive, and honest.

Exhibiting in New York is an honor, and you realize that you have indeed become a part of the New York art scene. It makes me feel connected to something larger that myself and my own art – a connection with a community of dedicated artists that are each pursuing their own search for expression.

There is a special love in that. So yes, New York City is a muse for me. She teaches me, inspires me, and most of all, caresses my heart with her transcendent love.