Evoking the Muse

By Lars Rasmusen

To grow roses in Chelsea’s asphalt would be a futile project; therefore, it was my decision that the best thing to do would probably be to paint them and hang them indoors in a safe environment. In the middle of February 2016, they were still blooming in the “garden” of Agora. They are prepared to bring wonder and delight in this new soil.

Roses, like drugs, can be inspiring but also dangerous – you might get hooked! First, there is the smell of delight, and then later, you are stung by a bloody thorn. And being embraced and fascinated by a great city, buried in a living dream of paradoxes – it is the same intoxication. You will never be the same again. Stung by a mysterious creation!

After spending seven days in New York City, it was like I had opened Pandora’s Box. There was so much of it all, that it was difficult to absorb and felt almost fatal! Back again in Denmark, the impressions have nearly crystallized after about a month. To experience New York in such a short and intense time is to recognize the contrasts of human existence: pure coolness and warm, welcoming hearts, unimaginable wealth against horrible poverty, and laziness and energy walking hand in hand. It looks perfect, but I know that as a rose can seduce, so can appearances deceive.