Patricia Queiruga

Tango Pasión (serie de 4), 2018
Mixed Media on Canvas
59.5” x 47.5”

Argentina mixed media abstractions on canvas. Her works often feature based artist Patricia Queiruga creates textured, painterly, bold, primary colors and wall down geometric elements, but Queiruga does not limit herself to a particular style, opting to paint freely and without imposing ridged limitations on her practice. Spontaneous and innovative, the artist chooses to view painting as an opportunity to evolve intuitively, and she allows her works to be guided and informed by music.

Though Queiruga’s works are almost entirely abstract, they also have layers of embedded and dense conceptual meaning. Throughout her oeuvre, the artist has represented her life conditions, notions of difference, coexistence, harmony, happiness, joys, and energy. In order to express such diverse subjects, Queiruga employs a variety of techniques including acrylic and oil paints, and mixed media. Indeed, her free use of color and materials allow her to create works like a chameleon-adapting, and responding to the stimuli around her with ease.