Osvaldo Bacman

The Mystery of Geometry #14, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
31.5” x 31.5”

The paintings of native Argentinian colorful geometric expressions of emotion, dressed in the Osvaldo Bacman are rigorous repetition of a single gesture, pattern, and shape. Working primarily with acrylics, Bacman’s carefully rendered canvases radiate a confidence and precision that belies the quickness with which acrylic paint is generally applied. The plastic nature intrinsic to the medium of acrylic gives Bacman’s paintings an equally plastic feel, lending them an almost tactile quality that complements the mathematical abstraction upon which his compositions are based.

A Bacman canvas is never a thing of stolid, emotionless grandeur. Rarely does his work not depict an inspiring matrix of colors, splayed against a sprawling geometric design. Bacman’s palette helps soften his canvases, making them not only more accessible to the casual viewer, but also delineating complex emotional states that can be appreciated by the connoisseur and scholar alike. Colors intermingle with shading and transparency, and at least part of the emotional depth Bacman’s canvases convey is due to the way his works are rendered so as to feel layered.