Nora Pineda

Red Lips, 2002
9” x 11” x 6”

Ceramics lie at the crux of inspiration from her Mexican heritage, she creates stories that Nora Pineda’s artistic practice. Taking wend around the physical dimensions of her pieces, rendered in vibrant colors and with a careful attentiveness to pigment and shape.

Often involving folkloric themes, Pineda’s stories often speak to a feminist vision of the world, abstractly depicting scenes and narratives that can be communicated directly via color, texture, and shape—or tactically, in the scale, dimensions, and contours of the physical object she shapes.

The shape and tactile quality of Pineda‘s ceramic works could be said to recreate the physical tactility of the female body itself. Rather than reducing embodiment to a correlate of the male gaze, Pineda works from within, recreating the experience of femininity without having to depict a feminine body overtly. Nonetheless, without being fetishistic eyes, lips, and fingernails are recurrent themes in her work. Indeed, this thematic consistency could be said to be recursive, as Pineda’s ceramic form often extend the shape of these features into three-dimensional works that toy with the cleavage between femininity and the feminine body.