Monika Gloviczki

Nirvana, 2018
Oil on Canvas
48” x 72”

Perspective, 2018
Oil on Canvas
48” x 72”

Poland-born artist subtle changes in light. Forests, water lilies, and farmhouses are abstracted into blocks of tonal color to create Monika Gloviczki paints landscapes and cityscapes using bright facets of textured paint to convey harmonious compositions in which everyday subjects are rendered with extraordinary care and attention. In these meticulous works, the artist layers color to create rich, tonal synchronizations that embrace the effective possibilities of light.

Monika in her studio

Currently living in Rochester, Minnesota, Gloviczki was born in Warsaw and immigrated to Paris after the declaration by the Communist Polish Government of martial law was enforced, in an effort to destroy the anti Communist Solidarity Movement. In Paris, where she spent most of her life, Gloviczki attended medical school and earned MD and PhD degrees. She worked as a medical researcher of vascular diseases before eventually moving to the United States, where she decided to pursue painting full time.

Gloviczki’s years in Paris influenced her practice and are immortalized in her radiant paintings. Drawing from the visual language of French Impressionism, the artist paints the ways in which light affects form. The resulting images represent a transient moment in time, the quick broken palette knife strokes capturing the feeling of an elusive instant. Indeed, Gloviczki’s strong use of color and light evoke the tradition of plein air painting, and her works conjure feelings and experiences of nature.

Gloviczki’s paintings call into question the banalities of everyday life. She finds beauty in the moments and gestures often taken for granted. Her ordinary subjects are imbued with a luminous sense of transcendence as the world is re envisioned with fresh eyes. Combining painterly strokes and fluid pools of pigment, the artist represents ephemeral, universal subjects and themes in her melodic paintings, but the surfaces feel eternal and visceral.

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