Michael F. Kin

Ménage à Trois, 2016,
Metal Frame, Epoxy Clay Acrylic with Clear
60” x 120” x 156”

Michael Kin Their instantly recognizable style is as ’s sculptures command attention. playful as it is monumental, and as provocative as it is refined. Kin blends elements of design and architecture to create deeply original pieces that leave the viewer intrigued and inspired. The artist describes himself as an intransigent nonconformist who embarked upon the path of adventure as soon as he graduated from high school, and never looked back. Rather than pursue a conventional lifestyle, Kin, in his own words, “discovered the alchemist” within and became an artist. Since for him, art is a magical process of “creating something out of nothing,” what others would consider garbage easily becomes his artistic medium. Kin often works with found materials. Over the years he has experimented with tires, sandbags, straw bales, adobe mud, etc. Yet he has also created high-end furniture, carved stone and giant epoxy sculpture. All his works contain the image of the spiral, painted, carved or simply implied in the composition of the piece. Kin sates that this “logo” refers to a profound spiritual experience he had as a young man.

Kin’s work invites the viewer on an irresistible journey of adventure and mischief.