Jonathan James Hydro

Magic of the Pink, 2015
12” x 16.5”

Russian own rules when it comes to his work. He begins artist Jonathan James Hydro plays by his each piece by drawing the main elements of the future picture, often hieroglyphs, then immediately washes them off. He paints new elements over the old paint, repeating this process until his image begins to take shape. Where the picture is complex, his work takes a long time, he diligently applies the paint layer by later. He does not rest until he feels that he is on the right path, sure that there is a composition in the painting.

Living in Russia, Hydro works as a doctor. He began painting at the age of 14, first landscapes and still lifes until he discovered his passion for abstract work, which he continues to this day. It always takes him in two directions of theme; mystical‒ where he gives his paintings meaning and being.