Jerry Anderson

Sundance, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
36” x 36”

Motivated California based artist by dreams, sensations and the unknown, Jerry Anderson creates abstract work that oscillate between figuration and landscape painting. These works are highly subjective and unique interpretations of the visible world, using vibrant color and sinuous lines to convey the connectedness of all. Diverse studies in religion, philosophy, psychology, shamanism, dance, music and architecture influence his art, which he uses as a vehicle to access the collective unconscious that has driven human creativity across time and space.

Anderson’s early life in the rugged and expansive terrain of the southwestern United States informs his sensuous and imaginative forms. His compositions are brimming with unexpected elements amid the everyday. For example, a cobblestone street might conceal a face; a cave reveals itself as a voluptuous body; or the center of a flower transforms into a desert moonscape. New surprises and unusual connections are formed in these paintings that strive to tap into a universal vitality. Each composition is a precarious balance of dynamic energies, ultimately revealing both the ties that wed humans and nature and the divinity of the Earth’s landscape.