Opus 447, 2018
Oil on Canvas
20” x 16”

Greenberg capture a sense of loneliness, isolation, and despair. Using the is an American artist whose paintings and drawings visual language of figurative expressionism, his rich oil on canvas paintings derive from his memories of childhood, and speak for those who have suffered in silence. He paints emotionally tortured ghosts and shells that scream, wince, and howl. His figures inhabit dark, cave-like settings or infinite voids that echo the physical and psychic seclusion of their inhabitants.

Greenberg used a limited palette of greys and browns in the past, but his paintings are frequently punctuated by pops of bold, rich color— inky blues, brick reds, and lemon yellows. Despite the addition of bright, almost pure, pigments, the mood of his works remains somber. Notions of apathy and human cruelty bubble to the surface of Greenberg’s works; he depicts a world in which pain and sadness are ignored. The artist, on the other hand, “listens” to the subjects in his paintings, allowing the works to speak to him and dictate their own concept and structure. Using painting to constructively and creatively express his frustrations with the nihilism and indifference that permeate contemporary society, the artist’s hollow figures function as characters from a world in tumult.