Gordana Tomic

Abysmal Beauty, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
53.5” x 83”

Physics, poetry, emotions and modern life – this is what inspires Gordana Tomic, an abstract expressionist painter based in Belgrade, Serbia. In the last three years, she has had 10 solo exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro, and the USA. Her work also belongs to both private and public collections across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It’s no small feat for an artist who only recently appeared on the contemporary art scene; Tomic spent a decade in IT and management before realizing her true calling as an artist. She was born in Montenegro and grew up the second-youngest of four children. Her father and uncle were both seamen, providing her with a cosmopolitan view of the world.

In her painting, Tomic attempts to reconcile both contemporary and modern aspects with the traditions of her Montenegrin roots. Characterized by monochrome palettes, her works are large-scale and abstract. She adores working on diptychs with mediums oil and acrylic, and sometimes incorporates mixed media materials like volcano lava sand. “For me, a great artwork threatens time, space and mind, while retaining its beauty,” she explains. “Creativity is an intelligent form of entertainment, and in its most refined and significant form, it becomes art.”