Cynthia Chace Gray

The Earth Exhales
Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper
24” x 30”

Cynthia Chace Gray capturing unique and transformative moments in time photographs diverse landscapes. Never retouched or digitally manipulated, Gray’s images encompass the natural world from a real, faithful, and intentional perspective. Her pictures are whittled to the essentials—light, color, and form are the subjects of her works. Indeed, western sunsets, craggy trees, and luminous bodies of water are depicted as abstracted fields of rich pigment and pared down shape. Completely devoid of any artificial lighting, her images are illuminated from within, lending her landscapes a sense of otherworldly wonder.

Born in Japan, Gray lived in New York City before moving to Wyoming, where she currently lives and works, in search of beauty and enlightenment. Living at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, Gray finds motivation and divination in the beautiful landscape that she inhabits. Now, living in locations around the world, the artist turns to nature as an unending wealth of sincere awe. She has been a photographer for over forty years, and at the core of her practice is her earnest pursuit of truth, beauty, and authenticity.

Gray’s pictures capture more that just landscape, they translate a specific mood and document an illusive instant never to be experienced in the same way again. A blanket of thick fog, a piercing blue sky, an extraterrestrial sunrise—Gray’s images render visible and material our intangible feelings and experiences associated with nature. Her images re-envision the landscape, casing light on details that might otherwise go unseen or overlooked. Often utilizing unusual vantage points and precarious perspectives, her photographs detail the natural wonders of a world in plain view, but only accessible to those with the patience to seek it out.