Hill People Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper 20” x 20”

With a background that includes travels in France, the Caribbean and Tahiti, Wallace’s photographs are as diverse as the localities she’s travelled to. Ever the experimentalist, she is known to photograph her subjects on the wing, as opposed to letting the isolating constraints of a studio practice dictate her artistic perceptions and insights.

Allowing her work to engage what can happen only spontaneously, Wallace’s photographs often present her subjects in medias res. Focusing on ritualistic dancing, handwritten letters, and watery landscapes stippled with boats, the moments she captures are vital documents of a culture’s legacy, often expressing the invigorating sense of newness with which traditional cultures can appear only today.

Yet Wallace’s gaze is not fixated on the exotic; she takes up the mantle of European imagery with a positively filmic eye, recreating moments of love and intimacy with a contemplative distance suggestive of the antiquity of found photographs. Enthralled by the speed and immediacy of the contemporary world, Wallace turns her eye to popular iconography with the same immersive attentiveness she devotes to the ritualistic traditions of non-Western cultures, preserving those moments where history becomes a living environment.