Sydnei SmithJordan

Winter’s Obsession Mixed Media on Paper 18” x 12”

Sydnei SmithJordan’s symbolic portraits unabashedly confront the pain, joy, and self-discovery of living in contemporary society. Inspired by surrealism and graphic abstraction, the artist characterizes her work as “Pop Fusion” that blends elements of reality and the unconscious mind into “unique autobiographical dialogues.” Bold outlines, dramatic shading, and areas of voided color comprise her subjects that juxtapose with complex patterns, collages, and textures in the background. Areas of text and recognizable symbols from popular culture often scattered throughout her portraits evoke themes of cultural heritage, politics, religion, and sexual identity. The subjects of her portraits vary; however, SmithJordan imbues each subject with expressive agency in both pose and gaze that commands the attention of the viewer.

Born in North Carolina and adopted as a teenager, SmithJordan utilizes her art to communicate personal truths regarding the difficulties of her past and aspirations of both her present and future. SmithJordan applies a multimedia approach to her work that aims to visually demonstrate at once the realities of pain and suffering, joy and spiritual healing. She explains: “In all pain… there is beauty. In all sorrow…. there is serenity.” Sydnei SmithJordan currently resides in New Jersey.