Petra Bernstein

Mystic River Photograph on Fine Art Paper 16” x 24”

Petra Bernstein, a native of Germany, uses both photography and painting to create something that is unique to her and free from boundaries. She uses her artwork to describe relationships. “Every mark matters, as it contributes to the balance and the unity of the entire picture.”

Nature has a major influence on her life and her artwork. Bernstein resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty and wildlife. The impact of the everchanging light and weather conditions offers the artist continuous inspiration in her efforts to portray the mystery of nature and the relationship of the elements. Sky and earth reside in harmonious balance with each other through Bernstein’s carefully constructed photographic compositions. Her work ranges from nearly microscopic close-up images of flora and fauna of her own environment, to wide frames that at once capture sea and sky in total sublimity. Throughout her oeuvre, Bernstein zooms in on rhythmic reflections and fluid movement in the water and searches for serenity in the atmosphere. She explains: “In my artwork, reality, imagination and abstraction co-exist and need no explanation. The unexplained is far more intriguing, as it resided beyond the picture plane.”