Nancy Holleran

Dog with the Blue Eyes
Watercolor & Ink on Paper 12” x 18”

Nancy Holleran’s approach to art-making can be considered associative. Starting with a memory, an expression, or sometimes a photograph she has taken, Holleran gradually builds into figurative precision the emotional aura of her chosen subject-matter. Occasionally, her theme will change as she applies contrasts of color to a work in progress, fleshing out the mental image that serves as her starting point into a visual artwork.

Often painting in water colors, the porousness of this medium, its semitranslucency, lends itself particularly well to Holleran’s use of improvisation. As an artist, she likes to initiate, as well as be receptive to the variations of a process where the composition, balance, even the theme of a work can transmogrify from a mere stain of color on paper into an expressive symbol of the experience of modern life.