Muggi Peters

Where Did You Go Oil on Canvas 59” x 47”

Danish painter Muggi Peters considers his abstract canvases as meditative sites for prolonged contemplation. His richly textured oils on canvas are devoid of allusions to place or time, and therefore past, present, and future are rendered equally real and attainable. Informed by artists, musicians, and politicians, MUGGI creates paintings that are meant as essential parts of daily life; their presence is intended to find balance between nature and the modern world. Exploding in colorful bursts or whispering in subtle monochromes, his paintings use color and composition to give rise to a sense of eternalism in which the subjectivity of experience is paramount.

In his recent work Where Did You Go, MUGGI renders a highly tactile female silhouette. With black and white drips and splatters reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, a woman’s figure emerges from the chaos as a ghostly presence. MUGGI evokes the European tradition of silhouette portraiture, but his rendition is a contemporary take that is at once complex and orderly as the canvas is transformed into a site for protracted exploration and discovery. Indeed, close and careful observation is rewarded, as the painting provides a transportive experience that quiets the chaos of daily life.