Monika Gloviczki

Attraction Oil on Canvas 40” x 30”

Fourth of July Oil on Canvas 40” x 30”

Monika Gloviczki’s painterly abstractions are melodic representations that push the boundaries of the everyday. Both landscapes and cityscapes are infused with facets of rich, shimmering colors synchronized in subtle harmony. Gloviczki’s unique practice of blending light and form lends quotidian subjects a transcendental effect. She accentuates the role of natural light as a signifier of the passage of time in her paintings that radiate beyond the ordinary to reveal something luminescent.

Born in Warsaw, Poland, Gloviczki was forced to immigrate to Paris after the Communist Polish Government declared martial law in an attempt to destroy the anti-Communist Solidarity Movement. In Paris, Gloviczki earned MD and PhD degrees and was a medical researcher of vascular diseases before moving to the United States. Having also studied art at Carrousel du Louvre and Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris, her paintings are of universal subjects but they draw on the visual vocabulary of French Impressionism.

In Attraction, Gloviczki paints a bright, textured composition in swaths of melodic pastel yellow, pink and blue. Despite the work’s lack of overt clues, the rich, luminescent color hints at the visceral feeling of experiencing nature. Meanwhile, in Fairy Tale, with thick, broken palette knife moves, Gloviczki depicts a scene lit only by the stars that feels mysterious and otherworldly. Finally, Gloviczki’s Fourth of July features juxtapositions of warm and cool tones that evoke the bright sun and strong shadow of a plein air painting. With bold, luminous explosions of color that conjure fireworks, the painting pays homage to the subtle illumination at a transitory moment. Indeed, Gloviczki paints her diverse subjects with a fresh perspective, rendering the everyday with perceptive attention to the affective possibilities of light.

Monika in her studio