Martin Randall Joyce

Blue Railing with Dumpsters
Acrylic on Canvas Board 8” x 10”

Incorporating an assortment of media and techniques—ranging from acrylics, to watercolors, to collage—Martin Randall Joyce’s works find their origin in another medium entirely: photography. Selecting from numerous images of his subject, Joyce goes on to “photoshop the image, crop it, adjust the colors, the tint, the resolution, distort it… and divide it,” creating prints that he manually augments with additional materials, such as pencils and markers, before translating it all onto canvas, or into works on paper.

The cumulative application of different media and various techniques gives Joyce’s works an alluring strangeness, revealing beauty in objects usually thought of as ordinary or uninteresting. Opening up his themes by way of such an elaborated process, he achieves a multi-layered, translucent effect, as though his subject-matter were viewed through stained glass.