Mark W. Malone

North Fork Kaleidoscape Oil on Canvas 30” x 66”

Through vivid colors, authoritative brushstrokes, and an astute perception of depth and light, Mark W. Malone’s purpose is to immerse his audience in the allurement of the southwest landscape within his paintings. Being one with the outdoors in oil paint on canvas, Malone gleans inspiration through the Colorado landscape as well as his beliefs in Native American philosophy. His travels with the Navajo nation at a young age have largely motivated his worldviews in both art and life. Canvases such as North Fork Kaleidoscape (2015) simultaneously capture the snowcapped peaks, rolling plains, and cliff-side valleys against a translucent southwestern sunset. Vibrant shades of blue, gold, violet, and green work in harmony throughout his oeuvre to celebrate what Malone illustrates as “the hidden palette of my surroundings.” The artist currently resides in the Western Slope of Colorado.