Marina Sutter

Untitled Acrylic & Oil on Canvas 35.5” x 39.5”

Marina Sutter’s oil and acrylic paintings depict mundane or inbetween moments with formality and dignity. A figure’s turned back or walking feet are treated as monumental portraits capable of revealing the subject’s character in a fresh way. In fact, Sutter always partially obscured her sitter’s faces, choosing to concentrate fragments of body language to convey mood.

In Untitled, Sutter depicts a woman, her hair falling loosely over her shielded face. Using softly blended brushwork that highlights the distinct textures of hair, skin, and cloth, Sutter’s richly layered paintings have an almost photorealistic quality. The careful attention to contrasts of light and shadow in tandem with the figure’s evasive pose lend the painting a sense of sullen mystery.