Marco Mendoza

I Find Me Acrylic & Mixed Media on Paper 28” x 22”

Marco Mendoza’s powerful works embrace bold, earthy tones, gestural brush strokes, and balance between both line and shape that visually interprets humanity’s search for happiness. A Mexican contemporary abstract artist, Mendoza works predominantly in acrylic and mixed media on paper. His oeuvre is characterized by the emotional complexities within the figures he paints. Mendoza’s figures, often rendered as faceless busts, simultaneously elicit a sense of anonymity and deep sentiment. In works such as I Find Me (2016), we see a genderless, faceless figure that encompasses the majority of the composition. Head upturned, the figure balances a nearly three-dimensional arc that envelops the space above the head. Mendoza leaves interpretations of emotional content in the hands of the viewer. The artist’s works expertly demonstrate an exploration of contrasts. His compositions juxtapose bold, earth tones confined by crisp yet autographic lines. Furthermore, Mendoza often balances immediacy of gesture with precisely defined geometric forms.

Mendoza’s work has been exhibited in several group and solo exhibitions, including the Tulipanes Latino Art and Film in Holland, MI, and Three Cities Art Club in Canton, MI, in which he won 1st and 3rd place. The artist currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.