Lorena Becerra

Mi Tapiz (My Tapestry)
Mixed Media on Canvas 51.5” x 51.5”

Lorena Becerra’s practice blurs the lines between painting and sculpture through her mesmerizing canvases. Likening her materials to ingredients found in a cooking recipe, Becerra layers paint with unconventional objects including pasta wire, found fabrics, and fragments of text. The artist’s highly textured canvases often reveal bright hues of blue, crimson and yellow under a blanket of monochromatic earth tones that allow the viewer to contemplate the complexities of her process. The images included in her canvases are at once whimsical and encyclopedic; amorphous horses and deconstructed fish pair with faded, handwritten text that elicits lighthearted stoicism.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Becerra draws inspiration from her work in social anthropology; specifically, her experiences in excavating pre-Hispanic burials. The artist currently resides in Mexico.