Jerry Anderson

Cappadocia 9-12 (composition of 4 paintings)
Acrylic on Canvas 48” x 48”

California-based painter Jerry Anderson’s bold compositions blur the boundaries between sky, earth, ocean, and body. Having studied religion, philosophy, psychology, shamanism, dance, music and architecture, Anderson’s vivid works are equal measures temporal and spiritual. He renders otherworldly Muses and Sirens alongside earthly landscapes to dream-like affect, the metaphysical and the terrestrial harmonizing in jewel-toned palettes of turquoise, violet, and cobalt. Idealized bodies and abstracted landscapes are depicted with painterly equanimity; each are fecund and sinuous sites connected in cosmic unity.

Anderson’s Cappadocia 9-12 is an acrylic painting in four components, the rocky, Turkish landscape bifurcated into lyrical abstractions. Capturing the vital sensation and subjectivity of experiencing the terrain rather than the topography itself, the painting is a congruous marriage of serpentine line and architectonic form. Evoking a sense of wonder, Anderson paints the world as a site of the unknown and the unknowable, as a place where the sacred and profane are irrevocably fused in unseen ways. In milky whites and lavenders, he transmutes the divinity of the natural world, painting a personal cosmology as a means to explore our shared environment.