Janice Boswell Wueste

West Texas Mixed Media on Canvas 36” x 46”

Janice Boswell Wueste’s energetic paintings seamlessly juxtapose abstract colors, textures and rhythms with elements of her everyday world. Utilizing a variety of media on canvas, Wueste’s backgrounds are charged with vibrancy and playfulness as she balances bright, vivid hues with earthy tones and contrasting textures. A Texas native, Wueste’s most recent works frequently feature the Spindletop gas and oil rigs of 1902 in the foreground of her paintings. The rigs are nearly anthropomorphic as Wueste skillfully groups them in clusters; the tension between each rig evokes compositional balance and a whimsical, almost human exchange. Wueste’s oeuvre marries architecture, landscapes, and abstraction that is at once recognizable and eccentric. Her placement of common industrial machines upon a background of energetic yet uninhabited landscapes suggests a spirited, timeless ethereality in each painting.

Born in Dallas, Wueste’s process is dictated by her instinctual creativity. She states: “I transform these everyday visuals into bright and vivid paintings, letting the creative side of my brain take over and the paint flow freely.” Her work has been donated and commissioned by notable organizations throughout the state, including the Lone Star Race Track in Fort Worth. Wueste currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas.