Horst Lukas

Lichtspiele – Seychellen (Light Games – Seychellen)
Gouache on Paper 12” x 16”

Horst Lukas’ captivating paintings unapologetically embrace abstraction, bold hues of color, and an autographic texture. Working predominantly with oil paint, Lukas utilizes a palette knife in order to blend contrasting tones that impart fluid movements of broad, gestural strokes of paint across the canvas. The artist’s palette is consistently cool; in works such as Lichtspiele – Seychellen (Light Games – Seychellen) (2013) and Nordlicht (Northern Light) (2016), bold tones of blue seamlessly merge with strokes of bright green and white paint that, although abstract, evoke a nearly spiritual landscape motif.

A self-taught painter, Lukas was initially inspired by Surrealism and the works of Salvador Dalí and Rene Magritte before transitioning into his signature abstract style. He currently resides in Germany.


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