Gitte Peters

Calming Harmony Oil on Canvas 38.5” x 51.5”

Born in Denmark and living in Monaco, Gitte Peters’s poetic landscapes reflect the everyday beauty of life in the South of France. With a diverse range of interests including astrophysics, anthropology, politics, and sports, Peters creates oil paintings that convey the ease and openness with which she approaches the world around her. She paints all of her thickly impastoed canvases with a spatula, a technique that she invented and mastered, further elucidating the non-conformist sense of joy inherent in her painterly waterlilies, garden scenes, and still lifes. The bright and airy canvases, full of natural light and vivid color, effervescently overflow with the sincerity and love of their maker.

In Calming Harmony, Peters renders a watery vista full of flowers and lily pads, the frothy clouds above reflected in the clear waters. Full of texture and subtle tonal shifts, the painting presents a placid, humbling environment in which the lush splendor of the natural world exists unfettered. The work serves as a reminder to seek beauty in all things, embrace the world around you, and stay curious and tolerant about that which is unknown.