Gabriela Segura

Nostalgia Photographic Print on Aluminum 36” x 24”

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Gabriela Segura’s captivating and crisply detailed photographs capture the natural world with vivid intensity. She often shoots her subjects from oblique, unexpected angles, mutating flowers, pinecones, and feathers into otherworldly objects with unusual textures and shapes. Whether documenting striking, tropical landscapes, abstracted interiors, or rugged mountain scenes, Segura frames and crops her images carefully to exploit their psychological impact.

Using macro and wide angle lenses, she also manipulates light to luminous effect. Both natural and artificial lights are harnessed with precision in her technically meticulous compositions. Segura approaches the world as a place of wonder, full of people, places, and experiences to be discovered and documented with equal measures of emotional intensity.

Hojas y Ceniza Photographic Print on Aluminum 24” x 36”

In her photograph printed on aluminium, Hojas y Ceniza, Segura captures the rampaging rapids of a river in the woods. The frothy water is distorted with movement, the white caps transforming into soft mounds of snow or sand. Fallen trees and branches line the bank, and the steep, auburn wall of a canyon cliff shines through the foliage. The scene is simultaneously threatening and peaceful, depicting the wonder of nature but also its unfathomable destructive power.

Segura’s Nostalgia documents a patch of trees on the cusp of an ominous, rocky cliff. The striped and textured appearance of the weathered rocks provides a sharp contrast to the lush, green trees that appear to spring exuberantly from the arid boulders. The sky is tinted an ominous grey in this landscape that seems to exist in an alien terrain. In this harsh environment, the vivid, green trees appear as beacons of hope able to weather the barren world and thrive against all odds.