Elke Riedel

No Name Acrylic on Canvas 31.5” x 39.5”

Elke Riedel’s vibrant painting practice ranges widely from bright, painterly figurative works to monochrome abstractions. Versatile and spontaneous, her acrylics on canvas are informed by the world around her; they are as impulsive and evolving as life itself. Following her emotional instincts, Riedel draws her subject matter from the everyday.

Riedel’s No Name is a stark abstraction—two drips in crimson and white comingle, and the element of chance becomes central as gravity takes hold. Experimenting with the formal properties of her materials, the artist subtly tells a story about the dynamism of shape and flow of color that is never boring or monotonous. Instead, Riedel’s process is more like play, as the world around her is observed and reflected back with joyful acuity.