Elena Gastón Nicolás

Abeto Glauco. White Spruce
Mixed Media on Canvas 24” x 20”

Spirituality and symbolism are the central elements within the work of Elena Gastón Nicolás. The artist’s practice and spiritual journey are intertwined. She explains: “I articulate my work around The Three Ways of Spiritual Wisdom: The Alchemical Way, the Priestly Way and the Way of the Warrior, which I learned through my spiritual journey.”

Working in a variety of media on canvas and wood, the artist’s oeuvre brims with energetic, vibrant hues and an all-over composition wrought with iconography that elicits a sense of wanderlust and harmony with elemental beings. In works such as Abeto Glauco, White Spruce (2016), Gastón Nicolás seamlessly captures the vitality of nature through pervasive layers of blue, yellow, and green tones and dynamic, textural brush strokes. The artist currently resides in Spain.