Dominique Lorsery

Fardee et Peinte Comme au Temps Des Bergeries Oil on Canvas 20” x 28”

Dominique Lorsery’s pastoral landscape paintings depict idyllic scenes from the artist’s childhood in France. River rapids, tranquil ponds, and humble cottages populate his canvases that capture the charm of life along the Creuse river and throughout the French countryside. Utilizing loose brushwork and a muted palette, Lorsery’s oil paintings pay homage to the legacy of French Impressionism, as his attention to the subtle variations in light allude to the fleeting nature of time. Indeed, the artist paints with flecks and dabs, capturing the atmosphere of a landscape rather than the minute details. The passing of seasons and ever-shifting complexity of the natural world are the subject matter of Lorsery’s paintings that are at once unassailably beautiful but also rich with untold histories.

In his oil on canvas Fardee et Peinte Comme au Temps Des Bergeries, Lorsery renders a snow covered setting along a rural road. A dirt path and dilapidated wooden fence indicate signs of use, but the vista Lorsery depicts is untouched—unmarred by a human presence. The scene is still, even silent, as snowfall transforms the French countryside into an atmospheric vision of wintery bliss.