Dana Ingesson

Mesmerizing Beauty Watercolor on Paper 30” x 22”

Dana Ingesson’s paintings effortlessly weave abstraction with elements of the natural world. Utilizing both aquarelle and oil paints, Ingesson layers darkened, earthy tones with bright hues of red, orange, violet, and blue that beg the viewer to consider the emotion within her works. Layers of paint that almost resemble ink washes juxtapose with forceful strokes that unabashedly cut across the composition. Although abstract in character, many of Ingesson’s works incorporate pieces of nature. In both Mesmerizing Beauty and For Wounded Souls, darkened strokes of deep green and black dance with layers of bright red and violet that resemble flowers.

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Ingesson devotes the majority of her time to painting. The timelessness of her works point towards her own intuition as she explains: “I see my art as my story, with colours and shapes being my words. When painting, I use all my senses: my intellect, emotions, intuition and the so called ‘reptile sense.’” Ingesson has been exhibited both in Sweden and internationally. In 2016, she received the jury prize at the “Artistes de Monde” exhibition in Cannes. The artist currently resides in Tidaholm, Sweden.