Brian Treadwell

Untitled VIII (Quintessence Work) Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 24”

Brian Treadwell’s energetic, abstract canvases seek to strike a balance between color, line, shape, and rhythm. Utilizing predominantly acrylic, oil, and pastel on canvas, Treadwell incorporates both figurative and organic shapes layered in a seemingly endless manner upon registers of bright, monochromatic color. The artist’s compositions brim with vitality and fervent movement as sharp lines and gestural brushstrokes interrupt the precision of his geometric shapes and patterns. Works such as Untitled VIII (Quintessence Work) (2017) pulsate with an almost nervous playfulness through contrasts in vibrant, cheerful colors and an all-over composition. Reminiscent of Basquiat and the later works of Mondrian, Treadwell demonstrates a keen awareness of both past and present conventions.

A Georgia state native with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Treadwell perpetually seeks to develop his art outside of his comfort zone, believing that art is a form of “self-alteration” in the world we currently inhabit. The artist finds inspiration through a series of thematic contrasts, as he explains: “I am interested in the profound with the mundane, passion with frivolity, creation with destruction, behavior with morality.” The artist currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.