Annette Schreiber

Lakeside Photograph on Hahnemühle Paper 16” x 24”

Recently honored with multiple nominations at the Fine Art Photography Awards, Annette Schreiber’s bold and expressive images create a palpable sense of place. Her photographs resonate for both their sharp clarity and the dream-like wisp of mystery that unfurls through her landscape scenes. Currently living in the U.S., Schreiber was born in Germany and obtained her Masters of Photography in Dusseldorf which has developed an international reputation for contemporary photography. For Schreiber, while a technical master, the photograph “does not just represent the output of my camera but rather the expression of my emotions”. Schreiber has a profound sense of how light can define a scene and shape the mood of an image. Using diffused light, dreamy atmospheric effects and spare, minimalist spaces, Schreiber’s images feel lost somewhere between reality and reverie.