Annette Balsgaard

Biking Acrylic on Canvas 24” x 24”

Danish painter Annette Balsgaard’s acrylic canvases present landscapes and natural environments with fresh perspective. Searching for beauty in the imperfect, Balsgaard’s energetic paintings manipulate color and contour to expose underlying structures and whittle forms to their essentials. The artist thickly layers acrylic paint in order to emulate the textures of nature, her abstracted compositions revealing impressions of landscapes rather than the environment itself.

In Biking, Balsgaard renders a highly abstracted scene, her rapid brushwork indicating the movement of a bicycle. The thin, neutral under painting evaporates into the background; drips and splashes reveal her embrace of chance. In the foreground, orbs of black and swaths of vivid blue create a focal point from which dynamic energy radiates across the canvas.