Abigail Custis

Cast Yourself on Every Wave
Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas 36” x 36”

Abigail Custis’s energetic acrylic and mixed media canvases reflect the wonder, beauty, and mystery inherent in the everyday. Refusing to conform to the rules or boundaries that dictate style, her paintings are instead vibrant playgrounds for experimentation, discovery, intuition, and chance. An avid reader of classic writers and poets, Custis’s works are informed by the simplicity, reverence for nature, and goodness of humankind espoused by authors such as Joseph Campbell and Henry David Thoreau. The resulting paintings are sincere glimpses of magic amidst the mundane, as the artist offers a fresh perspective on the organized chaos of our quotidian lives.

Custis’s Cast Yourself on Every Wave is an abstract composition in a tonal palette with splashes of Mediterranean blue and turquoise, the layered washes of paint providing depth and dimension to the composition. A unique combination of acrylic and mixed media, the paint pools in marbleized puddles that blend, flow, and drip over the canvas as if by chance. Simultaneously subtle and dynamic, Cast Yourself on Every Wave offers a meditative moment of serenity and a quiet space for reflection.