Misty Fields Photographic Print on Fine Art Paper 16” x 20”

The photographs and digital prints of Wallace connect viewers with places, people, and eras that might seem very different from our own, but are in fact more alike than not. Wallace’s fine art photography captures the landscape, life, and cultures of exotic locales in the Indian Ocean, while the artist’s digital prints cleverly combine the pop art sensibility of Andy Warhol with vintage photographs and postcards from France and Belgium. Wallace is fascinated by these early 20th-century images because they provide a window to the past–one that was not so very different from our present. “To my amazement, I find little difference between the people then, and us now, which is fascinating,” Wallace says. The series, called Love Between Two World Wars, allows Wallace to explore some of her favorite themes–war and weapons– with a graphic sensibility that makes the images feel animated and powerful.

Wallace’s fine art photographs, on the other hand, are more mysterious, offering up mist-shrouded countryside, silhouetted harbor scenes, and dimly-lit yet colorful figures.