Susan Marx

Crushed By Blue Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 24”

Susan Marx is both an Abstract Impressionist for her use of color as well as an Abstract Expressionist for the forceful and gestural emotional brushwork, evident in her most recent work. Instead of painting nature, she paints what nature leaves with her – creating an image entirely her own. Starting off with one large paint-filled brushstroke, she builds on the compositions by adding other strokes solely in relationship to the initial one. The process of putting color next to color becomes the subject matter of her painting. She is a painter who loves color and often leaves white spaces on the canvas intentionally to let the colors “breathe.”

Marx is a stream-of-consciousness painter, painting with her heart, her gut, her head, and the canvas in front of her. She relies on emotional sensations to guide her hand, while intellectual design qualities come naturally from her subconscious since she has been painting her whole life. With vigor and focus, she utilizes a vibrant palette of fast-drying acrylic paint, losing the concept of time until the painting is done.

About her recent work, Marx says, “My brush is bigger and more forceful. I am more free to paint with my heart. And I am as much in love with color as ever.”