Stan Adard

Sky Dance Digital Breathing Picture 31.5” x 52”

Swiss artist Stan Adard has pioneered an entirely new artistic genre: stunning digital images, called Breathing Pictures, that incorporate movement as a fourth dimensional element to offer an immersive and dynamic visual experience to the viewer. The work is comprised of flowing lines, vivid colors, and amorphous forms: all compositional elements that are drawn together to create a sense of harmony, balance, and otherworldly atmosphere. Add to this movement, whereby the image literally breathes in a rhythmic, calming cadence, and the art is transformed into a spiritual mentor, reminding the viewer of the profound importance of mindfulness to experience the outer and inner world.

One of the elements that makes Adard’s work so unique is that he draws on principles of humanism, spirituality, and psychology, along with a lifelong meditation practice, which are threaded into the art and help to define its deeper meaning. As Adard explains, “I truly believe that we humans are an energy composite of soul, spirit, and body, and that we are invited to experience our spirit and soul through our body. Breathing is the central body function that guides us to access who we really are.”